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Let England Shake

PJ Harveys nya album är inget mindre än fantastiskt tycker vi. No More Lullabies älskar Polly Jeans mod och känner marken skaka av hennes ord. Här är en intervju värd att lyssna på:

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I en intervju i Sydney Morning Herald säger PJ Harvey bl a:

”I think you could call it a political album. But the language I wanted to use is not the language of politics,” she says. ”I want to speak in the language of human beings who are affected by these things and that language is actually very simple.”

It is, however, also an album rooted in ambivalence about country, compromised societies and dangerous nationalism, feelings that would be recognised in Australia or France, the US or South Africa. ”I was trying to maintain an ambivalence in a lot of this material because I think it’s a far more successful way of stimulating the listener to tap into what they feel,” Harvey says.

”When I look at other people’s work I am far more stimulated by what is left unsaid into which I read my own interpretation.”

”I wanted to let people make their own country and their own feelings. A lot of the feelings I’m describing are ones that are universal and some of the works I am most moved by are [like that]. The most obvious example is a painting like Guernica, by Picasso, about the Spanish Civil War. It resonates so deeply with me today, it makes perfect sense but it is so specific.”

”I do feel I got somewhere close to what I was trying to do. I feel also I’ve only just begun. This way of writing has affected my whole path as a writer and as a musician in ways I could never have imagined before embarking on this journey with this album. I realise possibilities I didn’t think were there for me before. So I do feel like it’s incredibly exciting and I feel like I’ve just begun.”

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